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A beer to love or a beer from the sea: BIRRADAMARE

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And on the same trip to Italy, I visited Rome, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen before. Rome is history, culture, religion, noise, chaos, order, pizza and food, lots of food…


But Rome is also, Beer. In every restaurant or supermarket, you can get a wide variety of craft beers or industrial beers. There, I went to a microbrewery – for me is not so micro-, it calls Birradamare, located in the province of Rome specifically in the surroundings of Fiumicino – Via Falzarego, 8-. We traveled during one and a half hours from the center, but it was worth it. Mr. Massimo Salvatori -who is one of the owners- kindly received us into his brewery.

Mr. Massimo along with his partner Elio Miceli, started their business in 2004 and they made some beers in a Pub in Ostia, on the Roman coast in front of the sea. And it was in 2005 when they joined with the brewmaster Loan Bratuleanu, and decided to expand the business and diversify the production. In 2010 due to the great demand, they decided to open a factory in Fiumicino and in 2012 began to cultivate their own barley. They selling their beers in Italy – the best market is located in Rome, Lazio, and Sicily – throughout Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. They are members of Assobirra, Coldiretti and A.B.I Lazio, associations that support the production of craft beers in Italy and also they promoting and supporting the “drink intelligently” program – a subject that we will talk about in another PROST because it is very important and all the people should be able to promote it-. When I asked him if they were planning to export their beers to Latin America, he told me the Latin American market is very difficult to penetrate because taxes are really high.


 Something that caught my attention about this brewery is, they use 100% Italian machinery and raw materials, also: They produce approximately 6000 hl (hectoliters) a year and a total of 19 types of beers, among which, 12 are seasonal, it means, beers they sell on the market just by limited edition. All the BrewHouse and fermenters belong to the brand VELO S.p.A .; the technology is UNITANK – The 1st and the 2nd fermentation occur on the same equipment, some breweries have vertical tanks for the 1st fermentation and horizontal tanks for the second one, but currently the UNITANK technology is used worldwide, in which in the same tank you could do everything and save a lot of space, among other benefits-. They have a yeast separator or centrifugal separator made by GEA WESTFALIA ITALIA, the bottle filling machine is made by ALFATEK and the keg filling machine is made by SIFA, Italian too. But the best of all,  despite being a microbrewery, they have their own laboratory where they can control all the process: from raw material, wort production – initial stage – to the final product, and also they check their results with accredited laboratories to guaranteeing a high quality.


The beer they produce do not use enzymes or stabilizers, they are also unpasteurized- for those who do not know about it, I promise to make a PROST where I will explain in detail about the differences between pasteurized and unpasteurized beers, and I will tell you what enzymes and stabilizers mean. I believe that brewing unpasteurized, unfiltered and without stabilizers requires a lot of hard work for the brewmaster. I don’t mean that those kinds of beer has more merit than the others, both processes are quite different. It requires other skills and is just for a particular group of customers.


And the best for the end …We tried their best beers. He gave us a few presents and I have a future invitation to make a beer together. 

The bottle’s design is just wonderful, made it by themselves and with lot of love – as their slogan. They have 2 presentations one of 75cl and the other of 33cl and they produce kegs of 20lt and 30 lt.

We tasted 6 types of beers…


The first one was an Ale Belgian and strong beer, with an alcoholic content of 10%. It is a beer with high body and persistent bitterness. It was not my favorite but I recommend it for people who like strong flavors and high alcohol.


The second one is smoked – smoked beers are typical from the city of Bamberg, in Germany, the German name is “Rauchbier”- If you have ever tasted the bacon or if you have experienced the smell that leaves a match when you turn it off. Well, those beers are like this, both, the aroma and the taste are perceived as the same, that is: Smoked. Those beers can have two types of consumers, who love them and who hate them. I’m in the middle, I haven’t had the opportunity to try many of those beers, to give you an objective opinion, but until now is not my favorite. They have a dark brown color that I loved it, a fine foam and an alcohol content of 6%. It can be consumed with grilled meat, grilled fish, and medium-aged cheeses said, Mr. Massimo.


The third one is an American Pale Ale with an alcohol content of 6.3%. It is called KUASAPA – which means almost – because they use a combination of American hops with European hops. It is a beer with a high bitterness and balanced body.  I just loved it and it was my favorite. 

The fourth beer is an ale with 5.5% of alcohol, it is produced only in spring season and is a project of all the craft brewers associated with A.BI. Lazio, to encourage the use of national raw materials. Each member of the association reproduces the same recipe but based on their own inspiration. The most important thing about this beer is they add rosemary and artichoke, two typical products of the area, which gives to it, the aroma and balsamic notes, typical flavors from Italy. When I tasted the beer I immediately associate it with Risotto. In this case, the artichoke confers the bitterness and the rosemary gives it the aroma.

The fifth beer is a Weissbier with an alcohol of 4.8%, is a light beer with fruity aroma and refreshing flavor, does not have so much body, nor high bitterness.


And the last one was a sparkling wine-beer, what does a sparkling wine-beer taste like? For me, it was like white wine with a lot of CO2. This beer is very special for them because it is created it with a combination of white grapes wine produced mainly in Sicily. The result is a beer with fruity flavor, very soft and with a high drinkability. It has 6% of alcohol and according to Mr. Massimo it is perfect for snacks.


They also produce beer distillates.

And the best of all, they sell snacks and beer-based spreads. In their shop, I got lost and I fall in love, because for sure it is a brewery to love …


 And also they have received some awards…


Thanks to Birradamare, Thanks to Mr. Massimo Salvatori, Thanks to Giancarlo Pernarella Hernandez and Thanks to Roma …

For more information about Birradamare, please visit their website:




  1. In the malting process is very important to control the germination energy. If you not control it, then you can have some problems during the lautering.

2. Great care must be taken in mold contamination during barley harvesting and storage.

3. If you are going to add some beer attachments, it is important to keep in mind that the color of your final beer can change because of it. 



 ” We all want things to stay the same. Settle for living in misery because we’re afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins, maybe my life hasn’t been so chaotic, it’s just the world that is, and the only real trap is getting attached to any  of it. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation”




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