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“Brewing is our greatest act of rebellion.” My days in VENEZUELA.

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As everyone knows I’m from Venezuela and I have been able to know about the Venezuelan craft beer movement since 3 months ago. Venezuela is one of the Latin American countries with the highest beer consumption per capita but it is not a worldwide recognized Country for producing a wide variety of beers. We have only two large industries and just a few microbreweries – although the craft beer movement is growing up in giant steps-. In 2015 I had the opportunity to work in the main beer industry of my Country but I hadn’t had the chance to know about the other side of the coin: The craft breweries. Therefore, I decided this trip should be 100% craft and I also wanted to share it with you through my blog.

Before I’ll write here about craft beers I’d like to apologize to all of you.


My Country is going through the worst of times. During these 3 months I have seen what I’ve never imagined before: some people are eating the Trash, the lack of water and basic services is impressive, some people queue for many hours to buy staple foods, criminals are the only ones who have real freedom, the government oppresses those who opposed its dictatorship and during this week we have lived the worst days of this year. However, I did not come here to tell you about the crisis in my Country, in fact, I promised I would not make negative comments or complain about anything or nothing because I’ll work just to show you the best we have. Although it really seemed selfish to tell you that we are making great beers while some people are trying to get food from the trash or they are just simply being repressed for thinking differently. I apologize for sharing with you all of those PROST in a Country where the people have other priorities nowadays.

Excuse me for this introduction, excuse me to relieve myself through this blog. In a few days, I’ll return to Germany and I can assure you I will have a suitcase full of images that hurt me deeply but also images full of hope and with more desire to work from the distance for a better Country.



I want to thank all the craft breweries for everything. I really admire the work they are doing. I admire them because they are brewing in a Country where the water is scarce – the main raw material to produce beers-, they are using quality raw materials in a Country with a foreign exchange control and an inflation rate of more than 1000% – here almost everything must be imported-. Despite the scarcity, they can build a mill from a drill, they bet on a new initiative every single day. I admire their creativity and as one of them once told me:

“Brewing is our greatest act of rebellion.”

I just want to tell you guys to keep doing what you love and do not give up because I know Venezuela will be recognized for its great beers one day. Thank you for believing and dreaming big. Congratulations!

The work is arduous I know it! but believe me, the best entrepreneurs turn crisis into opportunities.

Thank you so much for everything.


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