Dreams can come true

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After I finished my course at “Pisse des Gottes” I continued researching about beers. When I finished all my signatures at the University I started to looking for an internship but I couldn’t do it where I wanted, which was in Polar Brewery (Venezuela’s largest Brewery). However, I did my internship in the microbiology laboratory of a minimally processed vegetable Company. I must confess my mind was never there. I was always thinking about how to brew a beer, even though I learned a lot about quality control in that Company and I met many people who taught me much of what I know today.


To make a long story short – I did not come here to talk about me but about beer – Well, after I graduated I decided to become a Brewmaster and I began to research how to achieve that goal: Which Country could be the best one? Requirements? and all the basic things. And the first thing I had to do was:  Start an English course. Then, in my searching, I found out that the best Country to become a Brewmaster is Germany, so I had to learn German and at this time I decided to learn both: German and English simultaneously.


But I was missing something very important: THE BEER EXPERIENCE. I started the search of an opportunity in the breweries of my country and in any other country but I had no answer. Until one day, among so many letters and emails that I had sent, I received a call from the owner of a small brewery in Venezuela, but it was far away from my house. I considered it since it was the only choice I had at that moment. And two days later, I received a call from Polar Brewery, they wanted to invite me for an interview – I tell you about it, to make sure when you have a dream you have to do even the “impossible” to achieve it.  I sent more than 30 emails to acquaintances and friends. At this point, I would like to thank all the people who helped me in one way or another to make my dream come true-. Honestly, I didn‘t even expect a salary in return, I just wanted the opportunity to carry out the internship that the master degree demanded. Well, it turned out to be much better than I expected. I received an offer to be an apprentice brewer for a period of 10 months which ended up being the best months of my life. So that was how my dream came true. I was working in the largest brewery of my Country. I will always be grateful to Polar, not only because I worked there and met wonderful people, but for what it represents for Venezuela.


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