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European Beer Star Competition 2017

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Being a Beer Sommelier is one of my dreams and also one of the reasons which led me to create this blog. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the Braubeviale 2016 in Nürnberg. There, was the first time I learned about the existence of the “European Beer Star Competition” and also I had the opportunity to taste some of the winning beers from the last year. At the Braubeviale, all the customers have the opportunity to participate in a special tasting blind session of the winning beers. That day, I immediately thought, “I wish I could attend the European Beer Star Competition someday.” I’ve never imagined that the day would come so fast and even in this way.


    In May of this year, I started to work at Doemens Brewing Academy, the first beer academy established in Munich in 1895 and it was founded by Dr. Albert Doemens. For me, it is such an honor to be able to work in this great company and also to be the only foreigner – I consider it is also a challenge for me-. I am very grateful for the opportunity they offered me and I recommend you to visit their website and if you are interested in our courses or services for breweries or beverage industries, please do not hesitate to contact the best ones. I started to work at Doemens since 4 months ago and it has been an amazing learning experience. I have also the opportunity to meet incredible people within the company, improving my German and learning the technical language – which I consider is the most complicated it- as well as gaining some experience in the area and in one of the best brewing Country in the world: Germany. I think every day implies a new challenge for me because I’m in another Country, the language, and also another work completely different, definitely it opens the mind and allows you to be outside of your comfort zone every day, but above all, it allows you to be better. That is why I thank Doemens Academy enormously for the opportunity they are giving me this year and for allowing me to be part of their team.


 Doemens Academy Facebook Page

And now to what we came…

In this Prost I want to tell you about one of the most renowned beer competitions in the world: European Beer Star in which I had the opportunity to work recently. I want to share with you all the details: from the organization of the event till the final day- we used to seeing the results but almost never realize about the path we had to take to get them.

In this photo, you can see one of the containers that we organized for the competition.


Doemens Academy Facebook Page

I worked together with my colleagues from Doemens, students from Weihenstephan and the engineer Björn Bleier who was in charge of organizing all the competition from the Doemens team. The work was quite arduous and it mainly consisted of receiving more than 25,000 beers, labeling and organizing more than 2000 beers from different categories and countries, then we ordered and stored all of them in each of these cold containers – see the Photo-. On the event day, we washed the glasses, we served all the beers, organized all the tasting rooms and everything inside the room.-In Venezuela, I participated many times in the logistics of events when I belonged to AJE-USB but, I think organizing such an event like this has no comparisons. Actually, this it’s only a summary because if I’m writing all the details it could require a lot of pages. In conclusion, it was a week of effort, work, and dedication but at the end, we got our best reward that means an event of excellence and quality. All the attendees were very happy and the organizers too.


 Doemens Academy Facebook Page

And the big day came…


 Doemens Academy Facebook Page

The European Beer Star Competition is an event held once a year since 2004 and is organized jointly with the association Private Brauereien, this year was it’s 14th edition and was held on 10th and 11th August 2017 at the Doemens Brewery Academy. It has become one of the most important competitions and the particular thing about this event, is that all the participating beers come from any country in the world and the only requirement is that they must have their origins in European traditions, for example, it can participate a Weissbier – wheat beer typical from the Bavaria Region- made in Brazil. This year 2017 was really successful as 2151 beers (39.5% from Germany and 60.5% from other countries) from 46 countries participated. The increase compared to other years was 2.2%. And they were organized in a total of 60 recognized categories.


Doemens Academy Facebook Page

The beers were evaluated by 133 expert judges from 26 countries who selected the first (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) place of each category, in a blind tasting session according to the color, body, flavor, and aroma. The winners were rewarded on September 13th of this year at the Drinktec – the world’s largest beverage industry event; in which I can also tell you about all the details in my next Prost.

   And the last day of the event, on Friday, August 11th, we all went to a celebration at the Restaurant Königlichen in Hirschgarten.

It was definitely a wonderful experience, which I will never forget.

Here I share with you a video of the competition from the last year:





Thank you!!

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