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In this PROST I will not explain you about beers. I want to tell you how I  have my own website as I always dreamed it:

My Beer Garden

Ten years ago I met two talented Venezuelans. I was just at the school and we made a trip during a week in one of the poorest places in Venezuela, to help the people who lived there. I think that time changed our lives in some way or another. In that trip Kénosis, a Catholic youth foundation was born. They were our most experienced guides, and over the time they became a guide and a huge support for me: I want to thank Humberto Peña and Shaila Rolo.


We used to live very close, in Germany and I was able to visit them in three opportunities, at the second time, magical things happened. I had just recently created my blog and Humberto told me: “Emily, I want to destroy your blog. There are many details that I don’t like it”. I really loved the idea because I knew it would help me to improve all my work. We sat down to destroy it.  He was creating his own web and mobile app design and development Company. And the best of all, at the end of the day, he offered me to design a new blog and I was his first client, therefore, it would be for free. We worked together for several days and we stayed up very late setting up the details, but the hardest work was made it by Humberto, for sure. He is the creator and master behind My Beer Garden and it will continue like this. I thank him and Shaila for provided me lodging at their house, for allowing me to arrive at dawn few times, for believing in me and in my project, for being my greatest support in one of the most complicated moments I lived there, for gave me those hugs that someone needs when is far away from home, for all of their advice, for helped me to prepare in one of the most important days of my life while I was in Germany and for many more things. So I invite you to follow him and if you are thinking of having your own Website, apps or everything related to social networks, please just write to my friend Humberto Peña and trust in his work with your eyes closed because I can certainly assure you that you will not regret it.

PS: And the best thing is, he also loves beer. 



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