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The Global Beer and Beverage Industries were all together in one place : BrauBeviale Nürnberg 2016.

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BrauBeviale is one of the most important congresses in the beverage industry in the world. If you are a beer lover you should attend those kinds of events, because it allows you to keep you updated with the latest industrial developments. It is a meeting point for people from all the continents and you can expand your network in an easy way. I must confess, it was quite a challenge for me because I went completely alone – most of the participants always go in large groups of people with the companies they represent, most of them are businessmen and some others are students invited by their universities-. I must thank Mr. Rolf Keller who made the job easier. 


The idea was born in a conversation with a friend who is brewmaster: Julian Hüfner, he suggested me that I should attend the event. Then he received a ticket and he gave it to me. The entrance was valid for one day but after some days  I received a message through my blog of one of the organizers: Mr. Rolf Keller, who kindly gave me a pass to attend the whole Congress. I just participated in two of the three days because I had to travel 6 hours to the place where the event was held and 6 hours back to Frankfurt.


The Braubeviale was held in the city of Nürnberg on 8th, 9th, and 10th November 2016 and has been organized since 1978. In 2016, it received approximately 38,000 visitors and more than 1000 exhibitors from different countries around the world – Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, China, Spain, United States, Israel, among others. Technological innovations, machinery, raw materials, brewery and beverage laboratories, marketing companies, universities, beer academies and more. When I was walking through the halls I had the opportunity to visit each of the stands and I could taste lots of beers, I recognized the raw materials and I observed some of the industrial processes in detail, as well as the latest technologies. I was able to attend the different lectures given by the experts, but the best of all there was also a craft beer corner where you could try some of the winner’s beers from 2016 in Europe, as well as you could attend a water tasting session by the most recognized sommeliers.       


Braubeviale 2016


On November 10th (last day of the event) I attended several of the conferences. One of them was: “Environmentally friendly packaging technology”.


 This was one of the best beers I tasted. The bitterness was high and the aroma of the hops was intense, fruity, very clean and I also could perceive a herbal character.  I just loved it. It made me feel in Hallertau. If you want you can read my PROST about Hallertau on the link below and remember a little bit about that wonderful trip:


Amy B. Cohen-Dagan is a young South African woman who works for one of the largest Startups in  Tel Aviv, Israel:


WeissBeerger is the leading Internet and Big Data platform solution for breweries, manufacturers and bars. They developed a solution to meet the needs of manufacturers and their customers (bars, restaurants and others sale points). They give information in real time about the market to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a unique consumer experience.


On the craft beer corner, I could find some of the winner beers of the European Beer Star 2016, one of the largest beer competitions in the world, organized by the Association “Private Brauereien” since 2004. It is called the European Beer Star competition, but you could find beers from all the continents, the only requirement to participate in it, it is they must brew with the European tradition. At the end, a total of 2103 beers from 44 countries were tasted and divided into 57 categories; 132 people from 30 countries were part of the jury, among of them: brewers, beer sommeliers and beer experts.


My favorite Stand was from the Brewers Association, there I was able to taste more than 8 types of beers – most of them were IPA (Indian Pale Ale)-. The Brewers Association is: “A brewing organization, by brewers and for brewers. Its purpose is to promote and protect American craft brewers, their beers and the community of enthusiastic manufacturers”. Among of the beers I could taste, one was remarked in my sensory memory and it was not my favorite, however I recommended it and then everyone can give their own opinion.  It’s a Stout beer with lactose. I’d heard about this style but I never had the chance to try it before. Maybe, my sensory experience with this style, did not allow me to appreciate it in an objective way because I had never tasted this type of beer. I consider it’s always good to try everything new perhaps it won’t be what you expected it.

Among some of the innovations presented during the event: The Krones Company, presented a new research project and development for a dynamic fermentation process, which provides equipment and a technology enabling particles to be more efficiently sedimented and removed during the recirculation process. The result: the combination of a displacer element with a recirculated fermentation process. This speeds up the fermentation process, while also ensuring fast, more efficient particle harvest.

On the other side, the Sidel Company presented an economic coating barrier for PET bottles (ACTIS) – Amorphous Carbon Treatment on Internal Surface- which vastly improved barrier properties over traditional, single-layer PET bottles. The plasma-coating technology increases oxygen barrier by 30 times over the standard bottles. According to Sidel, ACTIS allows an oxygen penetration of only 100 ppb per month, which is far below brewers standard of 1,000 ppb maximum per month. In addition, carbon dioxide barrier it is seven times stronger than a single- layer PET. A six-month taste test campaign that compared beer in both ACTIS-treated PET and glass bottles proved well for the ACTIS bottles. Two benchmark organizations, Jørgensen (Denmark) and Qualtech-IFBM (France), conducted the tests and concluded that the taste quality of beer packaged in both types of bottles is equal.

… And many other new technologies were presented at the BrauBeviale 2016


The German hops ‘Deutscher Hopfen’ Stand was just amazing. There I could see the different types of hops available on the German market, the latest advances which meet the needs of the brewers and each of the characteristics that identify some of them.



Let me conclude by saying the BrauBeviale was a great event in which I could meet many people, learned and lived a completely different experience. I recommend all of you -who have the opportunity- to attend from 13th to 15th November 2018, because it is an event you must not miss for sure.

And here you can find some tips:

  1. The BrauBeviale it’s not only celebrated in Germany. The Beviale family is all over the world. The upcoming events will be: Craft Beer China from 17-19 May, 2017 in Schanghai; Craft Beer Italy from the 22nd to the 23rd of November 2017 in Milan and Beviale Moscow which was held from 27 February to 2 March 2017 in Moscow, Russia.
  2. In this PROST, I would also like to give you a beer recommendation, it is actually the best beer I’ve ever tasted in Germany – IT IS ONLY MY OPINION -, does not imply it is the best beer for sure. Julian Hüfner was the first person who recommended it and then it was recommended by Mr. Udo Meessen. The name of the beer is  “Gutmann Bier”, it is a Hefeweizen (wheat beer) made it by Fritz Gutmann brewery, located in Germany. It is a typical beer from Bayern. It has an alcohol content of 5.2%. What I love the most about those beers in general it’s that they are characterized because of the banana flavor, which in technical terms the descriptor is isoamyl acetate. This beer is unfiltered and the body is high. The bitterness is soft, round and it’s not remnant. You can perceive fruit notes, the foam is thick and permanent. It is simply exquisite that’s why I always recommend it to as many people as possible. Here I leave you a video that I love about two German guys- unfortunately I could not get it with subtitles – they comparing two beers from different regions in Germany – one beer is from Hamburg (the north) it is called Ratshernn Weissbier vs Gutmann Hefeweizen or Weissbier from Bayern  (South of Germany)-. I want you to know Bayern is recognized for being the best beer place of the world. Some experts say, the beers from Bayern are the best and I’m not biased but I have the same opinion. So, both guys explained the characteristics between the beers and the man from Hamburg says Gutmann beer is not so good. I will let you to watch the video, and hopefully someday you will have the opportunity to try this beer so that everyone can give their own opinion about it.

 Photo from Gutmann Bier

And their website: Gutmann Brauerei



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