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Turn your passion into a life project.

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His name is Guillermo García, and along with his best friend (Claudio Leoni) and his wife (Parvati Olmos), they decided to turn their passion into a life project. He and Claudio had known each other since they were 15 years old and they were together because of one thing: The Music. Currently, they are joined by something else: BEER. Everything started with a trip that Guillermo made to USA. There, he tasted an IPA (Indian Pale Ale beer) and he immediately fell in love with. Then, he came back to Venezuela with the idea in his mind because he just wanted to create something similar. He began to research about it and he thought: “I’m going to make beers”. All his friends said he was crazy, but the only person who believed in his idea was Claudio Leoni. Therefore, both of them started their project in 2008. Nowadays, all of their friends who said NO, are their customers. 



On March 2017 I visited them and I also had the opportunity to see how they brew. The most incredible thing it happened that day because they received great news: They had been awarded a bronze medal with a beer called “Pezón”- it is a Saison beer style – in the Dublin Craft beers Cup. They have won the only medal for Venezuela and also the only one for Latin America. “The Dublin Craft Beer Cup is a competition which allows craft brewers to showcase their brews to have them rated, tasted and analyzed by experts and international panel of judges. The 2017 winner was a Saison Witbier from Hungary. The Award-winning brewers received prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals in eight different categories of beer, establishing the best examples of each. Entrants to the Dublin Craft Beer Cup are evaluated based on appearance, aroma, flavor, body, style, and quality”.


And the best of all, the day after, they received another good news. They had won the Bronze medal from the Latin-American craft beer cup. They are the only Venezuelan craft brewery which has more medals -7 medals-. This Cup is one of the most important craft beers events in Latin America.


They use a brewing equipment called “Speidel Braumeister” it has a capacity of 50 lt. They are the only certified suppliers of this brand in Venezuela. If you want one of the equipment please, do not hesitate to contact them.

Pisse des Gottes

Speidel Braumeister: “Depending on the recipe, the Braumeister is programmed with the appropriate brewing times. The brewing process starts by switching over to automatic brewing. The control system guides the user through the various steps and runs through the four brewing phases fully automatically. Optionally you can synchronize your recipes directly via My Speidel and monitor the brewing process”.

They produce around 150 lt per week and their equipment has a German technology with a good quality. Also, they use Weyermann malts and Yakima hops from Washington, USA. They clean their bottles manually – it’s a really hard work, they said-. That day, they started the brewing process, with the grinding of the malt. For the boiling process, they used Columbus hops in pellets from Yakima Valley in Washington, USA. The style was an American Pale Ale, it is characterized by a blond color, a medium body and the bitterness is lower compared to the Indian Pale Ale. It is a very refreshing beer and the alcohol content is approximately 5.8%.


Some of their beers are:


 Milk Stout

Ginger Lynn

Red Ale

Amber Lynn

My favorite one was the milk stout. It is a beer with an alcohol percentage of 6% – I must confess I tried before a milk stout from the United States and I didn’t like it, even though I swore that I would never try something similar again. However, they convinced me to try the one they made it and actually I fell in love with this beer. It has a chocolate flavor and a roasted coffee that characterized those kinds of beers.    


But the best of all, they have the best view ever. You can be able to see all the Caracas City, surrounded by nature and by our typicals parrots: Guacamayas. I really loved to spend the day with those talented guys and also being able to share with them the happiness for their medals.

And here are the beer tips:

Once the boiling is finished. It is extremely important to cool the wort so in that way, the yeast can’t suffer a thermal shock in the fermentation process. In addition to it, the oxygenation of the wort is a very important step too, because at the beginning the yeast needs to perform the breathing process (with oxygen) and then the fermentation process begins (without oxygen). Therefore it is very important the oxygenation and the cooling of the wort after the boiling process. Guillermo made it with some manual movements. Therefore, in the industrial breweries, you can always have a special equipment with a direct oxygen connection, which it is supplied directly to the wort. It is pretty important that all of this equipment must have filters so that the wort can’t be contaminated during the fermentation process. The oxygen is one of the biggest enemies in the beer industry, therefore it’s important to control the quantity that we are using during the fermentation process. 



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